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``How It All Got Started``

We Want YOU to Sleep Well and ...
WE Want to Sleep Well

Thirty years.

Thirty years. That’s how long David and Sherrie Bower have been a part of Mack Mattress Outlet. Technically, Sherrie’s been around the business longer than that. Her dad started the company in 1974, with the opening of the original store on Cleveland Avenue.

That original store is still on Cleveland Avenue (though it moved a couple of blocks away), and two other stores have been added; one that opened in 1988 on Sawmill Road, and the other on Polaris Parkway, launched in 1991.

The Bowers treat their employees exceptionally well. “We have very good employees,” said Sherrie. “They take good care of things and we trust them.” One employee has worked for them for 17 years and another for 35 years. That speaks highly of the type of business owners they are.

They seek to be fair to their customers too. Mack Mattress Outlet employees are non-commissioned, so there’s no pressure when you walk in. As David pointed out, “We’re not going to upsell just to upsell. We want the customer to get what they need instead of what we can make the most money on. We’re in the business of sleep. We want you to sleep well and we want to sleep well.”

According to Sherrie, Mack has a niche. “We specialize in factory seconds of name-brand manufactures. We get them for a variety of reasons right from the factory. We can price them significantly less, so they’re at least half what you’d pay retail...We don’t put the advertising dollars in that the big guys do around us but what those companies do is mark things up double or triple and then they give a 50% off.”

“We’ve seen a lot of `{`mattress`}` companies come and go through the years. When they advertise, we win. A customer comes into our store and they’re hesitant. We encourage them to go shop. They’re not going to find it any cheaper. A lot of times we’re a half to a third of a price for similar items,” David stated.

One thing is very clear. The Bowers recognize that God has been faithful to them, and they know that they are in business to help meet people’s needs. Sherrie summed it up succinctly: “We look at this as God’s business so we are ethical and try to be moral, and up front and treat our customers well.”

What Our Customers Say

Happy customers who are satisfied with our products and services at our three Central Ohio stores.

Jimmy H.
I use to sell mattresses, so I can tell you they are super cool folks and have awesome prices!
Chris C.
Just to say thank you for you wonderful store and service. Thank you Andrew for your help. You were very patient.
Al and Jen W.
Brett provided a great level of service and knowledge that gave us an awesome customer experience. We will be back again!

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