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SMART Pillow – iSense Sleep

The Benefits of Adjustability

A pillow for every body. 

Side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper, broad shoulders, narrow shoulders – all of that matters when choosing a pillow. When you buy a pillow online or in the store, you just have to hope you get it right. We believe the best way for you to get a good night’s sleep is to put comfort control in your hands by making products that are easily adjustable in the comfort of your own home. That’s the essence of what our brand stands for.

Naturally conforming.

The patented cross-cut filling in our pillow is uniquely designed to provide responsive support to your changing sleep positions. The individual pieces are fiber spun to prevent lumping and clumping. The result is a consistently comfortable pillow unlike any other.

Take your sleep to the next level.

Take your sleep to the next level with our premium SMART Pillow with embedded sleep tracker. The accompanying smart phone app gives a personalized sleep profile and tips tailored to you based on your data. Use the array of accompanying sleep aids and tools to maximize your sleep score.

*Sleep tracker zips undected inside the pillow.

Score your sleep.

The app inteligently compiles analysis of your sleep patterns, respiratory rate, heart rate, movement, and sleep quality.

See your improvement.

Use personalized tips to improve your sleep score – and ultimately your health.

View health analysis.

View heart rhythm, respiratory rate, and possible issues that could be interfering with your sleep.

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