8″ Hybrid Plush Euro Top

A lower-profile hybrid mattress combines the benefits of both a traditional innerspring and memory foam mattress.

  • Five-year warranty guarantees high-quality construction
  • Made using CertiPUR-US certified foams and Oeko-tex certified textiles
  • Heavy-duty tempered coils provide strong support
  • Quilted memory foam conforms to the body and helps reduce motion transfer
  • Heavy-duty tempered coils provide strong support
  • Soft comfort foams help relieve pressure points

Enjoy the mattress conveniently shipped to your door in a box. Simply unbox the mattress, cut the seal, remove the plastic, and sleep well!



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Delivered to Your Door

With 8 different options to choose from for every budget, you’re sure to find the mattress you need for a great nights sleep. What’s even better is that every order is conveniently delivered straight to your door. 

Hybrid Mattresses

What makes a hybrid a hybrid you ask? Well the answer is simple: supportive springs + memory foam = hybrid mattressses. These new style of mattresses allow for incredible comfort night after night. 

Family History

Mack in a Box is the latest offering from family owned Mack Mattress Outlet which has been helping it’s customers sleep bettter since 1974. With Mack in a Box, you get the same relaible and family oriented service. 

Make it a Set!

Highrise LT Platform Base 

The Highrise™ LT bed frame eliminates the need for a box spring and overcomes poor mobility common to traditional box springs. The frame is foldable making it easy to set up and transport and, when assembled, has 13 inches of clearance for up to 45 cubic feet of under bed storage.


  • Eliminates the need for a box spring
  • 13 inches of clearance creates up to 45 cubic feet of storage space
  • Easy assembly—no additional tools or hardware required
  • Folded and boxed for easy transport and storage
  • 2,000-pound weight capacity
  • 5-year warranty guarantees high-quality construction
  • Headboard brackets available upon request

$129 – $199